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Alaric and Patricia Johnson

In 2012, retired alumni Al Johnson, BA ’78,MPA ’82 and his wife Patricia Johnson, BA ’96, MPA ’00, established the Albert and Agnes Chang Memorial Scholarship in Computer Science in memory of their Uncle Albert and Aunt Agnes Chang. Two of nine siblings growing up in Oakland, CA, Agnes and Albert were born 14 years apart, yet they later became inseparable and spoke to each other by telephone on a daily basis. Despite growing up in extreme poverty, they and their other siblings were unaware of their situation.

Patricia was a financial advisor with MassMutual, as well as an employee at East Bay Municipal Utility District. Prior to this, she was employed at BART, where she met Al.

Al is the retired Chief Transportation Officer at BART, where he worked for many years, first as a transit operator, and then as a department head.