Eiichi & Marion Nakamura Award

The Eiichi & Marion Nakamura Scholarship is awarded to Criminal Justice majors who show merit and demonstrate financial need. To qualify for this Opportunity, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
- Be a Criminal Justice Administration with at least one term completed at the University
- Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
- Submit a 300-word essay in which student describes
a. Academic and professional goals
b. Commitment to public service
c. Personal inspirations and challenges that have enabled him or her to overcome obstacles
d. Personal forecasts of where he/she sees the criminal justice field headed
e. Personal statement about how he/she can make a difference in promoting a safe society for all
- Demonstrate financial need by completing the Financial Need Statement on the General Application.

For questions regarding this scholarship and its criteria, please contact Mary Kendall at 510-885-3590 or mary.kendall@csueastbay.edu.

Blake Nakamura
College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. If you are a transfer student, have you completed at least one quarter at CSUEB?
  2. Please submit a 300-word essay in which you describe the following: a) your commitment to public service, b) personal inspirations and challenges that have enabled you to overcome obstacles, c) personal forecasts of where you see the criminal justice field headed, and d) how you can make a difference in promoting a safe and just society for all.