Center for Student Research Scholar's Program Tuition Scholarship

The Center for Student Research Scholar’s Program Tuition Scholarship is awarded to CSUEB undergraduate and graduate students who are selected to join the CSR Scholar’s Program, and who either: a) participate in student or student-researcher development workshops (Level 1 Scholars, only), b) deliver CSR workshops (Level 2 CSR Scholars, only), or, c) serve as a peer mentor for one or more Level 1 CSR Scholars (Level 2 Scholars, only). We are a student-focused program that engages you in your own academic and professional development. We are committed to providing you with rich out-of-class learning experiences through our student and student-researcher development workshops as well as our faculty-mentored research and creative activity opportunities. The goal of the CSR Scholar’s Program is to positively impact your academic and professional success and to help prepare you for your next big step – be it graduate school or your career.

To qualify for this opportunity, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student
  • Be accepted into the CSR Scholar’s Program (to apply:

To receive scholarship award, in increments of $250 up to $1,500:

  • Complete 3-5 hours/week of outside-of-the-classroom time to engage in faculty-mentored research or creative activity
  • Attend CSR workshops and events (no minimum requirement, but note scholarship funding is determined by workshop attendance)

- Award will be disbursed, in accordance with the above requirements, in the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.

For questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Evranjeet (Evey) Brar in the Center for Student Research at 510-885-7335 or

$250 up to $1,500/year
Graduates, Undergraduates